Monat: Juli 2012

What will power Europe’s future?

Panel during the workshop „What will Power Euroe’s Future?“ From left: Edward Sykes (UK), Viola Egikova (Russia), Barbara Drillsma (UK), Mariko Takahashi (Japan)

The catastrophic failure of the Japanese power plant in Fukushima has divided Europe over the future use of nuclear energy. In almost every country, there have been calls to reassess the risks and benefits of nuclear power and to slow down the construction of new power plants.

The European debate raises some critical, and difficult, questions. Thus Hanns-J. Neubert organised a workshop on 2012-07-15 during the EuroScience Open Forum ESOF2012 that explored the societal, cultural and journalistic concerns. It looked at science journalism coverage of the tensions between science/technology, economical constraints and political purposes using the example of nuclear power and energy in general.
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Was wird Europas Zukunft befeuern?

ESOF-Workshop, von Links: Edwad Sykes (UK), Viola Egikova (Russia), Barbara Drillsma (UK), Mariko Takahashi (Japan)

Die Fukushima-Katastrophe ließ die Frage nach der Zukunft der Kernenergie auch in Europa wieder hochkochen. Wie gehen Wissenschaftsjournalisten damit um?

Zu diesem Thema organisierte ich für die europäischen wissenschaftsjournalisten EUSJA am 2012-07-15 einen Workshop auf dem EuroScience Open Forum in Dublin.

Als Redner konnte ich gewinnen: Mariko Takahashi (Asahi Shimbun, Japan), Wolfgang Goede (P.M.-Magazin, Deutschland, EUSJA Honorary Secretary), Edward Sykes (Science Media Centre, London, UK), Fumio Arakawa (Global Engineering Institute, Japan), Viola Egikova (Moskowskaya Pravda, Russia; EUSJA Vice President).

Einen ausführlichen Bericht darüber (nicht von mir) gibt es in Englisch auf dem EUSJA-Portal.