Should We Beware of Wellness Apps?

Health and lifestyle apps: Enhencing quality of life, improving medical research. On the downside: shaky and unsafe programming, aiming at controlling lifes, fostering trade of private data, supported by lawmaker’s games. Feeling gloomy about the self-determined future. Great future for sick people, indeed. Medical apps used for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases are admittedly… Should We Beware of Wellness Apps? weiterlesen

What will power Europe’s future?

The catastrophic failure of the Japanese power plant in Fukushima has divided Europe over the future use of nuclear energy. In almost every country, there have been calls to reassess the risks and benefits of nuclear power and to slow down the construction of new power plants. The European debate raises some critical, and difficult,… What will power Europe’s future? weiterlesen

It Can be Saver: More Savety at Sea

Engineers work hard on new life saving appliances – but shipping companies are afraid of the investments. [ ⇒ Read the article in German | Artikel auf Deutsch lesen ]. Technology Review (German) 3/2012 (title story) [order]

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